Taylor Model 310CE
Yamaha Model FG340
1985 Jackson Soloist
American Fender Telecaster
Ibanez Model GB10 (George Benson)
Ibanez Model EDA 900 Bass
Ibanez Axstar
Gibson 'The Paul'
Ibanez Model RG325
Carlo Robelli Model CW410T
Aria Les Paul Bass
Line 6 Flextrone II
2 Line 6 pedal boards
Tube Works model 9002 preamp
Marshall Valvestate 160 watt amp
Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 cabinet
Vintage Celestion 4 x 12 cabinet
The Pod 2.0
Pearl Masters Custom
Roland V-Drum Acoustic Triggers
Meinl Cajon
LP Djembe
Toca Percussion Blocks
LP Tamborine
Toca Shakers
Zildjan and Paiste Cymbals
Shure Mics
Misc Handmade Bongos and Djembes
TAMA and PEARL Hardware
3 JBL EON15 G2 Powered Cabinets
Yamaha MG8 Mixer
Sonic Maximizer Model 362
DBX 166x Compressor Limiter
Behringer Virtualizer
MXR Digital Time Delay
Korg Rack Mount Tuner
Zoom RFX 1000
Roctron Compressor
Boss Giga Delay
Boss Stereo Chorus
Yamaha Magicstomp Acoustic
On Stage Speaker Stands
Audix OM6 Microphone
Shure SM58 Microphones
Crown 311A Headset M
2 Nady SM58 Wireless Mics
2 Sennheiser instrument Wiresless systems
Peavey CS800 power amp
Lexicon digital delay